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1.  Compliance with the Essential Recommendations of the National Commission on State Workmen’s Compensation Laws, 2004

2.  The Employers’ Costs of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Ontario and Selected
Other Canadian and U.S. Jurisdictions.
  by Terry Thomason and John F. Burton, Jr. This Report is 130 pages long and has been broken into the following sections [PDF files] for quicker load time:

Contents and Preface (pages i-vii)
Intro and Section I: Methodology for Measuring Employers’ Costs (pages 1-17)
Section II: The Cost of Workers’ Compensation in Ontario and Other Jurisdictions (pages 18-45)
Section III: Comparability of Cost Estimates Among Jurisdictions: Other Issues (pages 46-71)
Section IV: Delivery System Efficiency: Methodology and Variables (pages
Section V: Delivery System Efficiency: Empirical Results (pages 88-108)
Section VI: Summary and Conclusions (pages 109-111)
References: (pages 112-114)
Endnotes: (pages 115-122)

3.  The Lack of Correspondence Between Work-Related Disability and Receipt of Workers’ Compensation Benefits, by Emily A. Spieler and John F. Burton, Jr.  This article was published in American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Vol. 55, pages 487-505

4. The Growth in Applications for Social Security Disability  Insurance: A Spillover Effect from Workers’ Compensation, by Xuguang (Steve) Guo and John F. Burton, Jr.  This article was published in Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 72, No.3, pages 69-88

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1.  Worker’ Compensation: Benefits, Costs, and Safety under Alternative Insurance
Terry Thomason, Timothy P. Schmidle, and John F. Burton, Jr.
Order from Upjohn Institute at  (457 pp. $43 cloth ISBN 0-88099-218-2 / $25 paperback ISBN 0-88099-217-4 January 2001).

Reports: You can link to other websites to purchase the following reports:

1. Workers’ Compensation: Benefits, Coverage, and Costs, 2010. Ishita Sengupta, Virginia Reno, John F. Burton, Jr., and Marjorie Baldwin. Washington, DC: National Academy of Social Insurance. Can be downloaded without charge from